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Testimonial for Neil Calhoun’s Wilmot Jujitsu

 Not long ago, Neil asked me to kindly provide him with a brief Dojo testimonial.

 Frankly, I believe that Wilmot Jujitsu and Sensei Neil Calhoun incontestably stand out among the growing number of martial arts schools. Anyone, either child or adult, wishing to pursue the path of learning a martial art could do nothing better than attend Wilmot Jujitsu and confidently embrace the superior and genuine standard of martial arts training it has become renowned for.

 I have known Sensei Neil since about 2004 when I became his second student in his newly opened Dojo in Baden. Years before, I had trained for several years in Aikido and, after an extended break, had been on a quest for that one, right school of martial arts – which I unquestionably found in Neil’s Jujitsu Dojo. At that time, we were training outdoors in a park – not only because the weather was agreeable, but because Neil had yet to acquire an actual brick and mortar training dojo. Ah, the magic of these early days, when we felt like pioneers, concentrating only on the task of honing one’s body and mind, of setting out on the path of mastering time-tested techniques, fit to assist one on the long road to standing one’s ground in a challenging world while at the same time expressing oneself with serenity, integrity, self-mastery and consideration for your fellow human.

 In time, two of our sons showed interest in learning Jujitsu and became pupils at the Dojo, joining the growing number of enthusiastic pupils. While the youngest has recently been pursuing other interests after acquiring his black belt, our oldest is still with the school and diligently working on his third degree black belt. After about 6 years training Jujitsu, I needed to take a break from the Dojo due to an injury and have since been a passive follower of developments at the Dojo. It has been nothing short of admiration with which I have been observing how Neil’s persistent efforts have come to fruition, offering the community the best martial arts school far and wide – right in the heart of Wilmot Township. (2018)



My son and daughter began at Wilmot Jujitsu over 11 years ago and earned their first degree black belts this past summer! My younger son also takes Jujitsu and is quickly working towards his black belt too. Jujitsu has helped all three of my kids to grow as individuals and gain a great deal of confidence in themselves. My kids (especially my two boys) have acquired the skills to increase their focus, discipline and it is even reflected in their school grades. Sensei Neil Calhoun shows a great deal of patience with all students and helps each individual to progress at their own rate. He has been an incredible instructor and we are very lucky to have him lead the students at Wilmot Jujitsu! (2019)

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