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Where the Passion Begins


Terry Stanton

Founder of Shinki Ryu Jujitsu

Aug 13 1946 - May 11, 2016

Soke (*A Japanese title meaning head or father) Stanton started in the Martial Arts in 1960 with the art of Judo, he trained with James Calahan and Wey S. Kim. While training in the art of Judo, he was introduced to the art of Jujitsu and he had studied the following styles: Danzan Ryu (Kodenkan)--Bud Estes, Bud Fuller, James Mussleman and Tom Ball, Hakkoryu--Richard Bailargeon & James Benko, Kamishin Ryu--Albert Church, Daito Ryu-- Kasumi Yonewaza & K. Kiyama. While training in Jujitsu, he was introduced to the art of Karate and he trained in the following styles: Shotokan--Takayuki Mikimi, Japanese Goju Ryu---Goshi Yamaguchi, Okinawan Goju--Shoichi Yamamoto, Shorei--Jim McLain & Mel Wise, Ryukyu Kempo--Seiyu Oyata, Shito Ryu--Richard Bailargeon, Albert Church, Rudy Crosswell, Shogo Kuniba. While training in the art of Karate he explored the art of Kung Fu, and trained in the art of Southern Shaolin Kung Fu which included the following styles: Hung, Fut, Li, Choy, and Mawk under Mel Armstrong and Ark Y. Wong. He also studied the art of Mugai Ryu Iaido from Albert Church and Shogo Kuniba.

Awarded the Instructor Certificate in Kung Fu by Grand Master Ark Y. Wong 

Awarded the Instructor Ceritificate(Jun Dairi) in Daito Ryu by Kasumi Yonewaza 

Awarded the Instructor Ceritificate in Songham Taekwon Do by Haeng Ung Lee 

Awarded the Shihan Certificate in Kamishin Ryu by Albert Church 

Awarded the Shihan Certificate in Ryukyu Kempo by Seiyu Oyata 

Awarded the Shihan Certificate in Shito Ryu by Shogo Kuniba 

Awarded the Senior Master's Certificate in Danzan Ryu by Board of Professors

Awarded the Title of Professor by the Jujitsu Black Belt Federation of America 

Soke Perrin.JPG

Douglas Perrin

Ni Dai Me Soke (Second Head of Shinki Ryu Jujitsu)

In the fall of 1968, Cecilia Nick came to Emporia State University to attend college. After having trained at Jayhawk Academy in Kansas City, Kansas during her high school years, one of the items that Cecila brought to college in her suitcase was a newly earned black belt. With encouragement from her Sensei, Terry Stanton, Cecilia organized a jujitsu club at the university and began advertising for interested students. That fall, while attending college, I began my training in jujitsu. Cecila was a wonderful person and enthusiastic teacher and I quickly got hooked on martial arts. 

At this time, Master Terry Stanton was associated with the American Judo Jujitsu Federation and was teaching Kodenkan Jujitsu (Henry S. Okazaki's Danzen Ryu). Sensei Stanton was also teaching Motobu-ha Shito Ryu Karate-do at his dojo on Leavenworth Road in Kansas City, Kansas. Because my parents lived in Olathe, just a 25 minute drive from Jayhawk Academy over school holidays, weekends and summer breaks I was able to train directly with Sensei Stanton. My very first 9th Kyu certificate was presented to me by Sensei Stanton in February of 1969. Upon college graduation in the spring of 1972, I moved back to Olathe and began training full-time with Soke Stanton who had just created his own style of jujitsu called Shinki Ryu Jujitsu. After training 4 years, I strapped on my first black belt and my certificate announced that my Shodan rank was in Shinki Ryu Jujitsu. 

During my years of training the awards/rank I earned include the following: 

  • Motobu-ha Shito Ryu . ............. . 2nd Dan

  • Kodokai Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu . . . .4th Dan 

  • USA Karate Federation ............ . . 5th Dan

  • Shinki Ryu Jujitsu . ............. . .7th Dan

  • Shinki Ryu Jujitsu . .............. . Shihan (Master Teacher)

Hokushin Ha Shinki Ryu Jujitsu
(Northern School of Shinki Ryu Jujitsu)


Neil Calhoun


Head instructor of Wilmot Jujitsu and

Hokushin Ha Shinki Ryu Jujitsu

I sincerely believe that through the study of the martial arts my life has been enriched.  It has created a physical and mental balance that has guided me to positive pathways. This pathway has kept me focused both professionally and personally.  

While being a student of the martial arts I was able to complete culinary school, complete my apprenticeship and work as a Chef.  I then found my way back to school and earned my teaching diploma and have been a High School teacher since 2005.  

My most treasured experiences have been as a husband and a father.  I honestly believe that without the training and its’ focus that these experiences may never have been realized.

For this I would like to thank the late Soke Terry Stanton; Founder of Shinki Ryu Jujitsu and the Professional Self Defense Association.  

My introduction to this system was through my first instructor Mr. Warren Berlin, who was superseded by Shihan Greg Crozier.  Since 1990 Shihan Crozier has been an exemplary instructor and friend.

Shihan Crozier was responsible for my instruction through all twelve kyu levels as well as up to and including my instructor certification and my first year of Rokudan, at which-point private instruction was received by Shihan Perrin (Nidai Me Soke), Shihan Asa and Soke Stanton himself.

Shihan Crozier and Soke Stanton both guided my instruction through the Hiden Mugei Ryu Iaido System.

For instruction in both International Motobu Ha Shito Ryu Karate and the affiliated Kobudo system, both Shihan Crozier and Shihan Boydston have been my instructors.

Through Shihan Crozier I was introduced to Kyoshi Troy Wideman of the Genbukan. Kyoshi Wideman is a personal student of Soke Tenamura. I began training with Kyoshi Wideman in the spring of 2003.

As a student of Kyoshi Wideman I have participated and ranked in: Koto Ryu Koppo Jutsu, Gyokko Ryu Kosshi Jutsu, Tenshin Hyoho Kukshin Ryu Ju Jutsu, Takagi Yoshin Ryu Ju Jutsu as well as Asayama Ichiden Ryu Ju Jutsu.

I endeavor to follow Kyoshi Wideman and the teachings of Kancho James Wright (Kobukan Kobudo Renmei) while carrying on the traditions of Soke Stanton’s Shinki Ryu Jujitsu.

I would like to thank those of which have been my uke as well as my students through the years to allow me the privilege of working with them and to grow in the martial arts.

More over, I would like to thank my family for understanding my path and enduring its’ inconveniences.  Thank you Fatima, Alyana and Liam.


Soke: pronounced [soːke], is a Japanese term that means "the head family [house]." In the realm of Japanese traditional arts.


Kyoshi:  “expert teacher,” although it is sometimes also translated as “professor” or “assistant professor.” 


Shihan:  Japanese term that is used in many Japanese martial arts as an honorific title for expert or senior instructors.

Kancho: Head of a house or association, but not of a family (like Soke).

dojo class.JPG

Nicholas Lee

Instructor of Kitchener Branch

I have been training in Shinki Ryu Jujitsu since 2003 and helping teach since 2008. I first started training in a dojo in Kitchener under Bill Bergen (who no longer trains) and received my black belt under him in 2008. Shortly after the Kitchener dojo moved I started training under Sensei (Neil Calhoun) at the Wilmot dojo. Under him I did my Kobudo tests from First Degree to Fourth Degree, my instructor's certification in Shinki Ryu as well as my Second, Third and Fourth Degree Tests in Shinki Ryu. 

(2018) (Mr. Lee is presently preparing for his Fifth Degree grading)

Devin Murray_edited.jpg
Devin Murray

Instructor of Cambridge Branch

I began my martial arts journey In 1998 when I was first introduced to Shinki Ryu Jujitsu. I Trained under Shihan Crozier, Shihan Calhoun, and a few other instructors, where I became fascinated by how many different disciplines united to form this art of self defence.  I was particularly intrigued by the joint locks.


To further my journey in Martial arts, I started training and competing  in wrestling during high school while I continued training in Shinki Ryu. 


As Years passed I began looking for a way to apply my knowledge and test my skills. This desire lead me to the sport of mma (Mixed martial arts). In order to fully embrace mma I began training in Brazilian Jiujitsu and kickboxing. With passion, dedication and combining the skills acquired from over a decade of training I earned a 6-1  professional mma record. 


After this accomplishment I began training under Shihan Calhoun, in Genbukan Ninpo Taijitsu in 2017 and In 2018 I took over ownership of the Cambridge Shinki school with Sensei Morrell where I taught Shinki Ryu Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiujitsu, kickboxing, wrestling and MMA. During this time I  competed in BJJ tournaments where I placed in each tournament. 

Unfortunately, in 2021, for reasons beyond my control I was forced to close the school during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


I currently hold the rank of San Dan (3rd black) in Shinki Ryu Jujitsu, 3rd Kyu in Genbukan Ninpo Taijitsu and purple belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu. I will continue my training with the hopes of reopening a school in the future where I can pass on my knowledge and inspire others as my senseis have inspired me.


My training in Shinki Ryu Jujitsu has taught me many things. But the one thing that stands out the most is hidden in the translation of Shinki Ryu. It can be translated to “Heart Energy Style” which I believe means to always live with kindness toward one another. I thought this was somewhat ironic until I saw this quote from Morihei Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido); that I will share for you to ponder: To injure ones opponent is to injure oneself, to control aggression without inflicting injury is the art of peace.” 

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