Leverage Not Force

Jujitsu is a Japanese grappling style which focuses on using joint locks, throws and strikes to defend yourself. Jujitsu differentiates itself from other forms by using your opponent's momentum while focussing on our positive body positioning to subdue or repel attackers. Jujitsu is an art that is effective for all body types.

Our curriculum consists of 12 levels before black belt each focusing on a concept such as basic blocks/strikes, ground work, throws etc. After learning and grading for the 12 lists students are expected to request consideration for Shodan (Black Belt) grading. Students are reminded that black belt however is not an end point in the learning but rather another milestone in their journey through martial arts and self discipline.

Each Monday and Wednesday class students work on basic concepts before working on techniques that are part of their curriculum. Friday classes students work on more advanced applications to concepts worked on earlier in the week and their practical interpretation and application.

Black Belt Testing Nov 23 2012 172.jpg