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Ni Dai Me Soke  (Inheritor of Shinki Ryu System)

In the fall of 1968, Cecilia Nick came to Emporia State University to attend college. After having trained at Jayhawk Academy in Kansas City, Kansas during her high school years, one of the items that Cecila brought to college in her suitcase was a newly earned black belt. With encouragement from her Sensei, Terry Stanton, Cecilia organized a jujitsu club at the university and began advertising for interested students. That fall, while attending college, I began my training in jujitsu. Cecila was a wonderful person and enthusiastic teacher and I quickly got hooked on martial arts. 

At this time, Master Terry Stanton was associated with the American Judo Jujitsu Federation and was teaching Kodenkan Jujitsu (Henry S. Okazaki's Danzen Ryu). Sensei Stanton was also teaching Motobu-ha Shito Ryu Karate-do at his dojo on Leavenworth Road in Kansas City, Kansas. Because my parents lived in Olathe, just a 25 minute drive from Jayhawk Academy over school holidays, weekends and summer breaks I was able to train directly with Sensei Stanton. My very first 9th Kyu certificate was presented to me by Sensei Stanton in February of 1969. Upon college graduation in the spring of 1972, I moved back to Olathe and began training full-time with Soke Stanton who had just created his own style of jujitsu called Shinki Ryu Jujitsu. After training 4 years, I strapped on my first black belt and my certificate announced that my Shodan rank was in Shinki Ryu Jujitsu. 

During my years of training the awards/rank I earned include the following: 

  • Motobu-ha Shito Ryu . ............. . 2nd Dan

  • Kodokai Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu . . . .4th Dan 

  • USA Karate Federation ............ . . 5th Dan

  • Shinki Ryu Jujitsu . ............. . .7th Dan

  • Shinki Ryu Jujitsu . .............. . Shihan (Master Teacher)

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