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This unique Self Defence opportunity is open to non club members.

The Friday session will teach you fast maneuvers that will reduce the chances of serious injury in situations where physical conflict is inevitable. 

You will learn ballistic movements that will focus on vulnerable areas of an aggressor applied in a scenario and high repetition training format.

The techniques will be simple and effective for all body types and conditions.

All participants must sign a waiver releasing Wilmot Jujitsu: Professional Self Defense INC. and its officers from any liability.  

All non club members must pay a $100.00 non refundable fee for their  four (4) session.  Payable by e-transfer ( or Cash one week before the first session of the course.

(Immediate family members of an active student will receive a $50 discount.)

Fees for any participant that registers for further Ballistic training will be $80.00 per two week session. 

We hold the right to refuse participation to anyone that does not participate in a safe and reasonable manner*.

*(intentional injury of another or unsafe behaviour or bullying of any nature.)

Upon Payment you will receive an invitation package that will include:

1. Participation Waiver

2. Suggested Apparel

3. Club Rules

4. Basic Syllabus

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